BCCM/GeneCorner Other DNA libraries

Last data update: 16 June 2014  

The cDNA and gDNA libraries represent eukaryotic genomes ranging from fungi to man.

The DNA libraries are not included in the scope of the BCCM/GeneCorner ISO9001:2015 certification. BCCM/GeneCorner currently relies on the contribution of the depositors for the quality of the biological material:

  • the libraries were constructed according to standard procedures;
  • referring to the information related to the DNA libraries, more specifically the library size and the average insert length, the libraries are - qualitatively spoken - sufficiently representative but BCCM/GeneCorner can't exclude the absence neither the incompleteness of some genes. In this regard, BCCM/GeneCorner takes the line that the recipient scientist can call on his specific expertise to evaluate the information related to the library in view of an assessment of the presence of certain genes (e.g. 'is the gene of interest abundant or not?') and of the completeness of the inserts.