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Solenopsis invicta (fire ant) library (LMBP LIB23)


Library name: Solenopsis invicta (fire ant) library
Library type: cDNA
Library accession number: LMBP LIB23
Organism: Solenopsis invicta
Available clones: lib23_clones.xls
Priming method: SMART technology
Vector name: pAL16
Vector sequence file: pal16.txt
Vector circular map: pal16.pdf
Vector accession number: Evrogen
Vector type: transcription analysis vector
Cloning sites: EcoRV
Library coverage: 2,0 x 10E4
Average insert size: 0,94 kb (Average sequenced insert size: 0,52 kb)
Distributed as: individual clones as active cultures or plasmid DNA
Further information: The host strain of the individual clones is Escherichia coli K12 XL1-Blue.
The individual clones can be grown in selective medium (LB-Lennox + 100 µg/ml ampicillin) and cultivated at 37°C.
History of deposit: The cDNA library was deposited by Dr J. Wang1 and Dr S. Jemielity1.
1 Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Library reference: Wang et al., Genome Biol. 8 (2007), R9.1-R9.16 [PMID: 17224046]
Related reference: -
Restricted distribution: - BCCM MTA

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